Monday, September 19, 2011

8 Natural Height Increase Tips

Natural height increase tips are fun , healthy and safe for us. Do height plastic surgery or height surgery taller is expensive and if you consume the height increase pills drugs are not safe and many of them are scam.

So here they are  8 Natural Height Increase Tips :

1.          Eat foods that can stimulate your growth such as:Calcium, Calcium will maximize bone growth. Example: Milk, etc.Protein, Protein will help the formation of the body. Example: Fish, etc.
2.      Sleep can really maximize your growth, because growth hormone will increase and formed more leverage when you sleep. Sleep at least 8-12 hours a day. If necessary, any leisure time you have to fill with sleep. I recommend sleeping in a straight position and not facing to the left or right, and also wear a pillow with the size small or short.
3.     Hanging for 10 seconds for the first day, and if you're already accustomed to diving you will be able to hang 30 minutes! This can give the effect of gravity pulling you to force your body to grow.
4.          Do a morning run as far as 400-500 yards a day. If not stronger, in a day you can separate it in 2 times a day.
5.          Do bike  for 20 minutes. However, set the distance of the saddle and pedal your bicycle to be pedaled by tiptoed.
6.               Massage the joint parts for blood circulation.
7.             Do the jump rope 500 times per day.
8.        Swim for 20-30 minutes. Give effect to the reduced pool gravitation style and will make you loosen the joints and bones, and will maximize the growth of your bones.
With this natural height increase tips , you will gain your height although you are after 20 years old.


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