Thursday, September 29, 2011

How To Grow Taller Fast As Published On Men’s Health Magazine

If you read Men’s Health January – February 2011 issue, there’s a column talk about how to grow taller fast  written by  Alex von Bidder. Men’s Health wrote that those yoga exercises will increase height inches in a month. Wow such an epic promise for us who want to add inches in our height.

Actually those exercises are simple, you do not need many stuff, maybe just yoga mattress. But do not underestimate with them, actually those moves will help you add some inches in a month if you do them as your routine.
First move is called Cat and dog , you should do this move x5. This move stretches your cartilage disks . On all fours. inhale, curving your spine and lifting your chest without dropping your belly, then exhales you curl your tailbone under. 

Second move is Cobra pose (x10) .This move Strengthens lower back, elongates spine. Stretch out, pressing your legs and pelvis into the floor. Place your  hands  next to your shoulders. Inhaling, raise your belly and chest off the floor. On exhale, return to your base position.

Third move is Supine twist (x10) . This moves Balances spine, releases back tension .Lying on your back, tuck in your chin. Breathe in, bringing your knees to your chest. On the exhale, lower your legs to one  side. Hold and breathe deeply in the twist, then repeat on the other side.

Well all moves above tend to spine lengthening exercise. You can add more exercises such as kicking and basic leg stretch to help you lengthening your leg. With focus in spine and leg lengthening, in a month you can add some inches.
So this is How To Grow Taller Fast As Published On Men’s Health Magazine, I hope you understand and enjoy what I talk above, last words “ do those with fun feeling and always think what you can get if you never be lazy .“


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