Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Massages For Increase Height

After a long day you do the routines to how increase height. You must feel tired and need to take a rest, Some massages for increase height will help you to grow taller and this is not scam or hoax because I ever get massage for increase height. And they’re work.
So why do massages can help you grow taller ?

Let’s start with scientific things. In your body there is pituitary gland that located at the forward base of your brain. It is exist in the endocrine system , it is the gland that helps the thyroid control your hormones and growth rate.
With some right massages you can help speed up slow growth by stimulating reflex points in the body that have a special nerve connection to the pituitary gland.
1. The first area that  main reflex point to massage is located on the pad of your thumb. You can use your other thumb to rub the pad in a clockwise motion. Be very firm when doing this. Do for 2-3 minutes every day,  massage each thumb pad. You don’t even have to do it all in a row, you can do It while watching  TV commercial breaks.
2. The second area you will massage is your whole neck. A lot of people have their blood flow stagnate in their neck region. By massaging it, you will give the blood a smoother passage to your brain, thyroid, and pituitary gland, which will allow for a more efficient distribution of your growth hormone.  To massage your neck, use your fingers and rub in a circular motion all over your neck. Do this for 5 minutes. Be sure to roll your neck a few times during and after the massage. Since the thyroid is located in the front part of your neck, put a lot of focus there.
3. The third area is self-back massage . You can do this with a tennis ball . Sit tall in your chair ( like the picture below ), place the tennis ball on the painful area and lean into the chair. Pressing against the ball, begin to breathe long and deeply. Take ten or more breaths. Repeat if necessary. Practice all kinds of stretching, including Yoga, Pilates or just simply trying to reach your feet while standing.

You should stretch and breathe slowly for best results. Cartilage is a firm yet elastic substance. With the appropriate exercises, you can stretch the cartilage between:
- the vertebrae in the spinal column,
- the thigh bones and,
- the tibia or shin bones.
You can grow by developing your cartilage that will in turn increase the space between the vertebra.
Without proper exercise, the cartilage becomes soft and the bones eventually rub against each other. The spinal column is like a coil. By stretching it up and down, forwards and backwards, side to side, you can get taller.
So it’s simple, right ? with do massages for increase height, you can support your exercise to grow taller.

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