Thursday, September 22, 2011

Height Increase Elevator Shoes

When height becomes one of the points to consider look of the person, this thing make the perception that person who are tall, near of perfect, and with this mindset, now days every men and women wish get taller instant, so these are the reason why now there’s a thing called height increase elevator shoes.

Height increase elevator shoes is shoes like we used to buy but the different is this shoes have part insoles or we can say lifts that thick under the heels so make us look taller. These lifts are made of plastic, wood and sometimes from rubber.
height increase shoes come in many style and available both for women and men. This shoes will give the user instant height  . We can say this shoes like high heels for women, but with the different shape and of course the lifts are hidden so nobody knows.
Height increase elevator shoes have a little bit different part than the common shoes. These shoes contain 4 part : Outer-soles, Upper, Insoles, Mid-in sole.
  • Outer-soles
    The outer-insole part reduce your feeling that caused by the shoes.
  • Upper
    The upper part of the elevator shoes is designed to accommodate the thick insole.
  • Insole
    This part can be made of cork, plastic, or foam. Just like high heel type shoes. The front part is lower than the back side.
  •  Mid-insole
    The mid-sole is used as a buffer between insole and outer-insole.
When you decide to buy the elevator shoes, I suggest you try it but if this shoes not available near of you, you can buy via online such on Ebay or Amazon. Just look the detail and what the material to make the shoes, this is will help you to get the perfect height increase elevator shoes.


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