Sunday, September 25, 2011

Limb Lengthening Surgery

When people are too lazy to do  height increasing exercises but still wishing on how to grow taller fast, limb lengthening surgery such an alternative way to get taller

The First reports of surgical limb lengthening were by Codivilla in 1905. Limb lengthening has since been attempted by many surgeons with ingenious hardware. However all of these methods have been experimental and have mainly focused on mechanical distraction, ignoring the biology of bone .

The basic form of limb lengthening has the tibia and/or the tibia bones broken and an external fixator is attached to each sides of the bone using wires which are drilled into the bones. The external fixator is lengthened slowly which increases the distance between the broken bone at a rate of around 1mm a day. New bone grows between the gap.

For 3-6 months after surgery the patient must stay in a wheelchair until the newly developed bone is strong enough to take the patients weight. During this phase the patient undergoes physical therapy to strengthen the legs. At the end of the phase the fixator is surgically removed and the patient is able to place weight on the legs.

The operation is very very painful and is open to risks and complications. Risks include bone and blood infection, failed bone healing, deformed bone healing, unequal limb lengths and nerve injury.
To increase height even more a second limb lengthening operation is preformed on the femur in the upper leg. The lengthening of the femur can increase the height even more but will probably make the body look out of proportion.
The full costs for limb lengthening surgery  treatment of 5cm are likely to be between 12,500 and 125,000 US Dollars depending on a number of factors.
So With those things : time and cost, you can consider, does  limb lengthening surgery  will be the good choice , everything depend on you.

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