Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Better Sleep To Increase Height

Besides do exercise to increase height and consume food which contains height increase supplements ( calcium, protein, etc ), sleep also help you to grow your bone. You can prove this statement by measure your height before going to sleep and after waking up from sleep. You’ will find that you are taller than last night. Why do this happen ?
This is caused by your spinal column  ( see the picture illustration below ) was stretched while you were sleeping. And do you know what does it mean? , It means you can increase height with some yoga increase height.
Taller with sleep is sure just temporary. With your daily activities, you will back to your default height ( caused by gravitation ). But with some yoga increase height, you can make it permanent.
Sleep also will help you to rest your body system after you doing exercise all day long. Your body needs to take a rest. In this rest time, your body system will release human growth hormone. And you know that this human growth hormone is needed by your organs to grow. So better sleep about 8 hours you should apply.
Not only time, position when you’re sleeping also important. In the picture below you will see which is the good position that good for your bone. Pillow under your head and under your knee.

I have done the sleep position like picture above , first time is strange and you feel uncomfortable with this position, but night by night you will be comfort. And I bet you will gain your height, because I did it, and it works for me which is 21 years old.
So as conclusion , beside doing yoga increase height and consume right nutrition you should apply sleep  with good time and good position.

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