Friday, September 16, 2011

Height Increase Supplements

Height increase supplements are the most important thing that you should get. This supplement will help you to release HGH ( Human Growth Hormone ). As I mention in my article Does HGH Increase Height? HERE , this hormone help you to skeletal bones and muscles to grow longer, bigger and stronger because this hormone help them to develop and grow.

Height increase supplements come in 2 type. Chemical and Natural. I’m personally like the natural way, because the risk is low, and they come in healthy food. So with exact food, we can get healthy also get our Height increase supplements.

To get food which are include Height increase supplements, you should consume a 200-500 calorie meal for each meal, with a 100-calorie snack an hour before bed. Here are the nutritional amounts you should consume with each meal.
• 5-10 grams of fat with each meal: 2 - 6 grams for night snack
• 36-50 grams of carbohydrate with each meal: 25 grams for night snack
• 25-35 grams of protein with each meal: 15 grams for night snack
As a basic outline, foods high on the glicemic index (high starch foods) such as breads, pastas, potatoes, &
bananas should be eaten in moderation. Foods low on the glicemic index such as vegetables should be a major
source of your carbohydrates. Junk food which is usually high in carbohydrate, high on the glicemic index,
and high in fat should be eaten sparingly, such as once very 3-5 days to maintain proper hormonal and insulin
Getting 25-35 grams of protein in every meal can be difficult if your diet is usually low in protein. One or two
pieces of chicken breast, a can of tuna, or a protein shake can fulfil this need. Cold cuts may not be the best
source since they are high in sodium and you would need at least 6 pieces to get the right amount of protein.
For fat, nuts especially macadamia nuts, are a good source of fat. Fats high in monosaturated fats are the best.
A finger full of peanut butter can also fulfilL this need, although the best bet would be taking fish oil
supplements. If you are curious as to what a diet of high glicemic index foods, which raise insulin levels, will
do to your body, just see any diabetic or overweight person and ask them what they eat.

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