Friday, September 23, 2011

Increase My Height : Behind The Scene

About 3 years ago, when I was 19 years old, I  Increase My Height because I was obsessed being perfect. When I see people on magazine with their long leg, people appear on TV and show their leg. I said in my deepest heart “ I want to be like them , I want to be sexy “.

Actually, if you know my perception ( this is caused what I’ve seen on magazine and TV ), people with long leg or taller are sexy, moreover for men. As a man, I want to be sexy, with sexy figure I get more attention. And what I read from any job vacancy , sometimes they decide , only people with enough heath who can apply for the job.

Oh poor me !
With the reasons, then I browse on internet  about how increase my height. I got many information which are now I called scams. Many website and many resources told about natural height increase tips, height increase pills drugs . Some of them are true but no little who just kind of scams.
Then after about a month I researched what the best program to increase my height. I got videos and some instructions about naturally increase height  . Then I done some exercises based on the videos.
Among believe and doubt about the exercises, but I kept on my way because those all I could do, it was and it is impossible for me get height surgery such as limb lengthening surgery.
With all I’ve done to increase my height, I got taller about 0.5 cm. This is not such wow number, actually I was lazy to do some exercises and not diet in the right way.
I believe if you do better than me, you could get taller. So now what are you waiting for, read articles on my blog and choose what the best for you. And about videos for increase my height  I’ll upload them special for you.

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