Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adult Height Increase With Kicking

Have you ever seen kick-boxers ? If you watch Thailand's kick-boxers, they have extremely beautiful  long legs. Almost all kick boxers have legs an inch or two longer than usual. Most of them have long legs than average people. Cause of their long legs is they always do kicking as the routine. This hole is Adult Height Increase, besides do yoga,  kicking will help you a lot to leg lengthening , moreover if you have an obsession being a model. Having long legs are must.

So why does kicking can help you grow taller? The answer is, Kicking helps to grow the shinbones and the thighbones. It is perhaps one of the most hectic and tiring exercises of all, which helps you, grow taller.
Any forms of kicking exercise including front kick, snap kick, side kick or back kick, to a certain extent stimulate the cartilaginous portion of your knee. Even if your bones are fused, there may still be room for slight growth. You just  do it about 100 repetitions initially and increase at your own pace.

For doing kick exercise you need a stable surface and maybe a pillar or something similar to support yourself and stand while kicking. A kicking bag is very highly recommended. Do not put ankle weights, shoes, or other heavy objects on your feet. Make sure there is ample fresh air in the exercising area.
For warming up you can do leg rises for 5 minutes to loosen up your muscles or started by cycling for 15 - 20 minutes. After that you can do kicking exercises,  it consists of 1000 kicks on each leg in one day. So you are doing 1000 on left leg, and 1000 on the right leg. Break up your schedule to work out about half an hour in the morning and half an hour before bed. We suggest doing 20 reps on left leg, and immediately doing 20 on the right and then pause for 30 seconds after each 100 kicks. You will simply perform quick snap kicks and try to keep your feet near the floor.
Do not try to move your shin only. When you kick, let your shin move and try to extend out your thighbone.
The reason you should extend out your thigh bone, is because 1000 kicks put enormous stress on the knee joint. Instead, try to kick the shin and just milliseconds before the shin gets locked, extend out your thigh bone to absorb the shock.
Well Adult Height Increase With Kicking exercises will be hard at the first time, however if you make this as your routine, it will be fun and the result you can get your long legs like a model.

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