Monday, September 19, 2011

Bicycling To Increase Height

When you’re doing naturally increase height, the yoga exercises increase height and nutritional food are must. However, for extra exercise you can do more with Bicycling. Yeah Bicycling, this activity might you used to do or it is your transportation or your hobby. But I bet you do it wrong, so you don’t get to increase height with your routine. Bicycling to increase height will be success if do it well.
In European countries such as Dutch. People use bicycle as transportation. With this habit people in Dutch get maximum height, different than German which is near of Dutch. Both of these  countries have similar diet food and similar activities ( Bicycling  ) but as research for height found that both of these has significant different in height. The problem is People in German do not Bicycling as people in Dutch .

People in German tend to slump forward like what racers do and Dutch keep their  legs fully extended and torso erect . Beside that people in Dutch keep their handle bars raised slightly higher than German does.

Now you can not doubt about power of Bicycling in your height increase program . And as additional information, I have best friend, when in high school, he rides bicycle then guess what? He has height more than I have, and his parents have same height as my parents, but he got taller because her routine.
To get taller with bicycle just simple, you need to adjust the bicycle seat to your own height so that your legs are fully extended and stretched out when in a downward peddling motion like you can see in the picture below.

The handle bars should be raised, if necessary, to the proper height as so to
compel the rider to keep his or her back straight and trunk erect. This is like what people in Dutch do.

Then when you stretching your legs on pedals, make sure that entire your foot is flat on pedal, instead of stretching with toes on each extension. Also you should be careful that you are not shifting your own body, from side to side in order to make up for the extended. Do this like the picture below.

Wow nice information right ? With this activities and new ways on your Bicycling, you will get maximum increase height.

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