Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How To Look Taller

Today how to look taller tips will talk about dress to make you look taller, especially for men. If you are women you can read my article here. Basically the tips are similar, just need a little adjustment.
How to look taller is simple, you just need to notice your basic stuff such as outfit, hair, posture, and shoes. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Outfit For  Look Taller : You need choose the right size. If you like wearing t-shirt, try to get t-shirt with long until your waist, don’t over that your waist. This is will give you an effect that you have long legs. Try also to get right size not too tight but not too big. For pants, if it long pants, don’t make it too tight, waist or just above the waist and below the ankles. For short pants, try to make it above your knee.

Hair  Cut: For hair you can get hair cut with spike and all hair cut which it shape vertical. You can look David Beckham spike haircut.

Posture : Try to walk not like a lazy men, straight stand like you want to say “ hey, I am here and I am tall “.

Shoes : For shoes you can choose height increase insoles and height increase elevator shoes . This shoes will help you to increase height  , and make your legs look longer than before.

Those tips how to look taller will really work, I guarantee.

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