Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting Taller 0.5 Cm With Neck Exercises

Getting Taller not only with  leg lengthening and spine lengthening, you still can add about 0.5 cm and more with neck lengthening. Some of us maybe have problem with neck is too short and make us look shorter and make us uncomfortable to wear clothes. With proper exercises, you can solve this problem.
The exercises are simple. My friend told me that, they’re fun, and don’t waste many time and the most important thing is, my friend could add about 1 cm for his neck. Do you want to know ? Here they are the exercises :

1)  Neck Rotation. Stand still, keep your hands on your hips, loosen your neck joints. Slow but sure,  rotate your neck slowly in a 360 degree angle (circle) for 30 seconds and reverse the direction and do for another 30 seconds. This exercise works on upper spine too.

2) Down facing dog. Pose like the picture below about 5 minutes  every night. This exercises is used for elongating your neck . If you feel bored while doing this pose, you can hear music from your iPod. 

3)   Chin tilt. Sit on a chair, Bring your chin to your chest as far as it can and hold the position for 30 seconds.  When you’re on this pose don’t let your shoulders move because this exercise is used for stretch your neck muscles.

You can do those exercises  when you’ve finish your workout, get free time, get neck pain. I’ve tried those exercises, and I got 0.5 cm. Well not wow thing, but this is will make you look taller. And you won’t stuck with your V neck t-shirt. Do them for getting taller !

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