Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How To Grow Taller Fast With Video Part 1

Many people everyday search on internet about how to grow taller fast. People will get answer from google.com such as height increase insoles, height increaseelevator shoes, height increase supplements, height increase pills, naturallyincrease height, yoga increase height,  and the most extreme is  heightincrease surgery limb lengthening.
Of course we know that pills are dangerous to take because they make disorder in our body . For height increase surgery limb lengthening besides it expensive, it’s also full of risk and take a long time to get normal after surgery.
So if you still asking about How To Grow Taller Fast , yoga, Pilates, and aerobic are the best. They will make you healthier , improve your posture which is will make you look taller.
In this article I’m gonna show you how to grow taller fast. I’ll split in some part because it’s long and the most interesting is, I include video, so you can learn it easily.
Let’s get started.
Before you do these exercises, I suggest you do some warming up. Before it let me tell you. There are 4 steps and exercises to thicken your spinal column in your spine. They need your commitment and consistent to get the best result which is grow taller. These exercises are :
1. Spine Pull up
2. Stretching
3. Postural Exercises
4. Kicking
5. Hanging
In this articles we’re gonna do stretching and postural exercises but before do them, I suggest you open your spine. This will open and stimulate your spine then finally permanent and resulting height increase with the exercises.
Like an Ortopedi or the other height increase program, you are helped by stuff to pull your head.
But you don’t need that, besides it’s expensive and dangerous ,  you can do it with asking your friend, like the picture below. It’s good when you do it after waking up.
You sit down like in the picture, your friend behind you and stand. Her hand like in the picture, right hand in front of under your chin and left hand behind your head.

Pull up like try to take your head from your body. Do it smooth and hold about 2 seconds, then release slowly. Repeat 10 times, the do it every time you want to exercise in the morning or night. After this opening spine you will feel better.
Next article How To Grow Taller Fast With Video will talk about the stretching, so don’t miss it.

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