Friday, October 7, 2011

Exercise To Improve Posture Part 1

An article with title Improve Your Posture in Women’s Health magazine by Drew DeMann, Phd, said that, if we less in exercise, cause you look shorter, beside that It will pursue the blood circulation and sometimes causes obstruction in your digestion. This is why she recommended us to do Exercise To Improve Posture.
The correct posture will increase blood circulation, and the thing that you should give attention “ it will make you look taller “. Correcting with improve posture will help you to reduce headache and make your neck feel better. For that, Sarka-Jonae Miller who is personal trainer that masters the martial arts and yoga, suggest us to do exercise to improve posture 3 times a week. These 2 exercises are :
I. Paddling on Stability Ball
Hold a dumbbell while sitting on the stability ball, then rotate the shoulders.
Sit on stability ball. Put your feet flat on the floor with hip-width distance. Hold a dumbbell with both hands. Bend your elbows on both sides of the body with a 90 degree angle, directly below the shoulders.

Pull your elbows back, following both your shoulder blades. Push shoulders down away from your ear when you turn the shoulders and draw breath. Keep your chin pulled back while rotating the shoulders, so that the chin does not juSt forward.
Bring back the arm and elbow to the starting position, with elbows under shoulders. Keep your spine straight posture, and the key to your stomach while doing this exercise.

Repeat this movement 10 times, in three sets.

Begin your workout with dumbbells weighing 2 kg, and use a heavier dumbbell if the exercise was felt light.

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