Sunday, October 9, 2011

Height Increase Pills, Are They Save ?

When we talked about height increase program, we will find sources about height increase pills. In their website or ads they used to tell us that  the amazing pills can make you taller in few weeks. They also add testimonies about users who have gain height after consuming those pills. That is scam , hoax or maybe fact, we will not know before we try it .

Height increase pills work to help our body release HGH ( Human Growth Hormone ). With our body releases more Human Growth Hormone, we will gain height fast. The truth is, Human Growth Hormones responsible in our metabolism, especially about growth. With lot of Human Growth Hormone , cell regeneration will fast. It also works in your bones, make them longer, stronger, even wider.
This Human Growth hormones are naturally produced  by the body’s pituitary glands. People who have HGH deficiency will get lack of growth, this is why  doctors to take supplements to sustain body growth hormones thus resulting to normal growth and other inherent functions. Human Growth hormones usually given to children who suspects to have human Growth hormones deficiency and adults who can be categorized have dwarfism (due abnormality of pituitary glands).
Doctors used to give to the patients with injection, tablets or oral spray. This will spend a lot of money and will be dangerous, only doctors are registered who can give this action.
The problem comes when people who see this hole then make some scam information to deceive people with pills. They told us that those pills will increase Human Growth Hormone.
Well, as I said , Human Growth Hormone injection, tablets, or oral spray are expensive and dangerous. If the height increase pills are sold inexpensive , probably they are fake. And of course the big thing that we should notice is dangerous. Only doctors who can do this.
It would be better for us if we want to increase height we go to doctor to consult. If we can’t, we can do naturallyheight increase with exercises. It’s save for us and make us healthy. You know healthy is number one, increase height can be number 2. So if you are confuse to decide buy the height increase pills, it’s better you go to doctor.


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