Saturday, October 22, 2011

Increase Height After Age 23

Normally height growth process stop about 18-20 years old for men and 14 for women,  But they just number  there are possible way to increase height after age 23 . This is not scam, so I’ll explain to you. Firstly if you ever heard about  maximum height depend on parent, you can see how to count it here.
With  counting maybe you’ll find your height is not in maximum. Slow down, there’s always a way to increase height after age 23. Or if you have in the maximum, you still can get taller. Maybe this explanation below will change your perception.
In our spine we have spinals column. They are elastic and easily stretched when we bow down or just lying on bed. With exercise from Men’s Health or How To Grow Taller Fast With Video, you can find exercises to lengthen your spinals column so you can get extra inches.
Similar with spinals column, we can add extra inches with some exercises. Do you ever notice kick boxer’s leg, they have longer leg than average people in the same height. It caused by exercises of kicking. Kick will make some micro fractures in your leg bones which is mean your leg will longer and stronger.
With some explanation above of course proper nutrition is a must. If you try to add inches in your bones of course you need extra calcium and magnesium to support your bones. You can find the explanation here.
That’s the increase height after age 23 ways, believe or not it depends on you, if you never try to prove it you will not find the answer, so as long as you have time and chances to improve your height , why don’t you try it, it makes you health and fresh, so nothing to lose.

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