Saturday, October 8, 2011

Exercise To Improve Posture Part 3

This is the last part of Exercise To Improve Posture, check them out.
The Table
Sit on floor with legs straight. With an upright position, place your palms on the floor next to the buttocks. Then tuck your chin against your chest. Then lift your head to look upwards as far as possible. When doing so, also raise your body so your knees are bent while the hand remains at the starting position and straight. Back and upper legs will be straight and horizontal to the floor. Hands and feet below you will be perpendicular to the floor. In other words, such as a table. This is one tough stretch too. If you can not do it right, trying to do my best, eventually you will be able to do so easily. Each repetition should last between 8-20 seconds.
The Bow Down
Standing with hands on hips. While the hand still attached to waist, bend forward as far as possible. Do not bend your knees and keep your chin off your chest. Each repetition should last between 4-8 seconds.

The Yawn
Standing with his hands holding the back of the head, arching her body back as far as possible. Each repetition should last 5-15 seconds.
The Super Stretch
Stand up straight and then the hands are raised up as high as possible. Feel the stretch in your lower back. Super stretch can be done standing or lying down. Each repetition should last between 4-7 seconds.
Hands on the Head Bow Down
Stand with both hands behind your neck, bend forward as far as possible. Bring your chin on your chest and do not bend the knee. Each repetition should last between 4-8 seconds.

Yoga Exercise To Improve Posture also help improve the flexibility of the spine, and improve the strength of your body shaft. Yoga postures such as downward facing dog and upward facing dog can stretch your spine. Full boat pose and movement and locust pose is also the axis of the body postures that strengthen and improve your posture.
So what are you waiting for ? these Exercise To Improve Posture give so much good things, start them from now, good luck.

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