Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Increase Height In 3 weeks Part 6

How Increase Height In 3 weeks Part 6
Then after you do the moves in part one you can do additional procedure :
Swimming in 20-30 minutes. Swimming gives an effect to decrease the gravitation and make your bone longer, this is will maximize your bone growth.
Do hanging in 10 seconds in day one, then if you can hold longer, you can do hanging about 30 minutes. The benefit is same like swimming.
Jump Rope
Do jump roping 500x jump. This sport will increase your stamina, lose your weight and of course make you taller, the benefit is similar like you do basket ball.
Do sprint every day, this is will help your body to release more HGH ( Human Growth Hormone ).
Do cycling about 20 minutes. For detail you can read my article Bicycling To Increase Height.
Massage will help your blood circular, you can do massage like what I have told you here.
You should sleep 8-9 hours per day, for the position when you sleep you can read here.
The for nutrition you should notice , you should eat food which help you to increase height and growth.
1.   Calcium, Calcium will maximize your bone growth. You can get it from milk,
2.   Protein, protein will help you to growth faster, you can get it from fish, meat and egg.
3.   Consume supplements to help you increase height.
This is the end of article How Increase Height In 3 weeks.

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