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Height Increase Supplements Part 2

Height Increase Supplements Part 2
2. Minerals
Minerals are an organic substance found naturally in the earth. They make up a large part of our bones and teeth and help regulating other body functions. Here are some of the. minerals to which you should pay special attention.
What it does:
1. Aid for strengthening soft bones and teeth.
2. Helps maintain regular heartbeat.
Best sources from Milk and dairy products, sardines, soybeans,. Dried beans, green vegetables.
What it does:
1. Aids in growth process.
2. Helps prevent and lower high blood pressure.
Best sources from Meat, brewer's yeast, clams, chicken, shellfish.
What it does:
1. Helps keep your body limber.
2. Aids digestion by cleansing system.
Best sources from Table salt, kelp, and olives.
What it does:
1. Strengthens bones.
2. Reduces tooth decay.
Best sources from Fluoridated drinking water, seafood and gelatin.
What it does:
1. Promotes growth.
2. Provides energy.
3. Burns excess fat.
Best sources from Kelp, salt, all seafood, onions, and vegetables grown in
iodine-rich soil.
What it does:
1. Aids growth.
2. Prevents fatigue.
3. Helps form hemoglobin in blood etc.
4. Aid for good skin tone.
Best sources from Liver, beef kidney, egg yolk, oysters, cereals, raw clams, and red meat.
What it does:
1. Aids the cardiovascular system.
2. Aids nerve and muscle functions.
3. Needed for calcium and vitamin C metabolism.
Best sources from Figs, apples, grapefruits, lemons, seeds, nuts, yellow corn and dark green vegetables.
What it does:
1. Aids growth.
2. Provides energy.
Best sources from Fish, poultry, eggs, meats, nuts, seeds and whole grains.
POTASSIUM - Sources include; citrus fruits, watercress, bananas, potatoes and green vegetables.
SODIUM - Sources include; salt, shellfish, carrots, beets, bacon and kidney.
SULFUR - Sources include; lean beef, fish eggs, cabbage and dried beans.
ZINC - Sources include; steak, eggs, lamb chops, brewer's yeast and pumpkin seeds.
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