Saturday, October 1, 2011

How Can I Increase Height

When you searched on internet  a question how can i increase height , you’ll find many answer such as height increase insoles, height increase elevator shoes, height increase supplements and yoga increase height that really works from the others.
Well if you have question how can i increase height ?, this article answer exactly what you asking for.
The process Increase height is similar with lose weight. If lose weight is slimming your body , which is narrowing your body. Increase height is adding some inches vertically. So, I mean, the process is similar, with right exercises you can increase height.
Many exercises that you can do, basically they are 2 things. Spine lengthening and leg lengthening. Spine lengthening is a way to add some inches in your body. These exercises is lengthening your spinal column in your back bones, so you can make some inches. This exercises include yoga pose such as cobra , super cobra, table, cat and dog, etc and acrobatic such as hanging.
Leg lengthening is adding some inches in your leg. Same as spine lengthening, leg lengthening exercises create micro bone fractures that making your leg longer. Have you ever seen Thailand kick-boxer ? Exercises such as kicking will make your leg longer. This exercises will be great for you who want to be a model.
Besides those 2  important exercises, you should consume right food to support your body system. Less in consume right food such as calcium, protein will slow your height increase program. You should consume food in high calcium and protein, such as milk, vegetables and meat.
Combining the discipline in exercises and consume right food will make you get taller. This is not a scam or hoax, some people have tried and they’re work. Because although our age is above puberty, we can still add some inches, and this is true, you can ask your doctor.
Well, above is the answer of your ask how can i increase height, I hope this article can help you.

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