Friday, October 21, 2011

How To Grow Taller Fast With Video Part 21 Best Drinks

There is a cocktail drink which is very effective to support your height in undergoing this program. Lots of instant beverages are available both rich in protein and calcium. As Calcium D Redoxon, calcium capsules and the like. But not all was not as good as if you took it from the source natural nutrients (natural source).
Because the synthetic calcium sources were usually will not be easy in the absorption body and just be wasted.Relative program is designed for higher and healthy at the same time, we do not recommend you taking hormonal drugs to add to your height as much sold in the market.
Here is a drink recipe that I got from several sources during my search for program improvement body. Please try, This delicious and nutritious beverages high, and effective if supported by this program.
Warm + 250 ml fresh milk, or you can use powdered milk mixed with warm water, do not boil so as not to damage the levels of nutrients, just warm enough. Pour milk into a glass. It's good using a high-calcium milk (such as Anlene, Hi-Cal, Calcimex etc.)
Mix one tablespoon of honey Pour egg yolk raw or undercooked. (Chicken or Broiler same nutritional content, but the duck eggs proved more calcium content).
Combine lemon juice to taste that is not too acidic. Stir, do not blend so that no foaming
From the above concoction you already consume animal protein, calcium, phosphorus, minerals, fats, and vitamins C, D to B complex.
Dairy calcium is more readily absorbed than other calcium sources. Honey is very good for the process or detoxify the body neutralize toxic substances. The combination of the above is very effective for this program and has proven many years.
Try not to let this be you also in addition to routine
exercises above. Drink the solution in the morning after breakfast, also before bed. If in a day you do not have time to make blends above, for
occasionally you may consume additional calcium supplement easily obtained in pharmacies (such as Calcium-D-Redoxon for example) so that your calcium intake remained consistent each day.
But please note, as much as possible to avoid such kind of synthetic calcium, maybe this can be done most commonly once a week. Since usually types of synthetic calcium as it is not readily absorbed, and finally only wasted into the dirt.
Maybe you are advised to make for 2 days which you can store in fridge, so when you do not have time, you can drink the rest of the day previously.
Tips: To further maximize the absorption of calcium, sunbathing in the  morning before 9 o'clock (so as not badly affected by ultra violet), which where pro-vitamin D helps calcium absorption into enough bone.
For lunch you can use the cooking water as a cow bone one of your dishes. You can make soup from water. Very useful also optimize your cartilage cell regeneration. And drink a glass of milk after lunch. More recommended fresh milk (Liquid milk).
With tips on the food menu as above, do not worry to grow fat, because of exercises like swinging, kicking and postural exercise enough to burn your calories each day. So it will offset the caloric content in the body, and at the same time can cartilage stimulates you to increase its mass.
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