Sunday, October 23, 2011

How To Naturally Increase Height

Everybody wants ideal height, and this is a fact that we should accept, million people search on internet about how to increase height naturally. Since surgery need much money, natural way is the best choice. And want thing we should give underline,  how to increase height naturally  help us to increase height but also make us healthier.
Before we talk deeper about increase height naturally, you should know Ideal height can be reach because some factors :

   1.Proper Nutrition. Make sure we adequacy of protein, fats, vitamins (like vitamin A and D) and minerals (like iron, calcium, zinc and iodine) because it greatly affects the elevation gain.

   2. Heredity factors also determine a person's height. Parents who have good height will have big possibility to have child with good height.
   3. Function of growth hormone stimulates bone growth. Thyroid hormones are needed for the smooth process in body metabolism. Sex hormones, which consists of the hormone estrogen, progesterone and androgens, served in the process of sexual maturation.
   4. Support the environment. Lack of immunization, adequate affection and economic needs can affect appetite, health needs. So the process of elevation gain was inhibited.
Activities that can optimize the height

   1. Stretching, stretching movements. So that the bones are interested in extending his back. If the movement is done regularly and intensively it can help stimulate the addition of the long bones of the back.
 2. Hanging  with both hands. This movement is very stimulating elongation of the bones back.
3. Kicking. This movement stimulates the growth of the leg bone that extends optimally.
4. Biking, cycling can stimulate the length of the foot. Tread the pedals are flat, do not tiptoe. Back straight, not bent. If every day of cycling in the distance, can help stimulate the length of the foot.
5. Swimming. At the time swimming, stretching the entire body suffered from body to toe. In addition, movement almost swimming involves all the muscles of the body.
6. Basketball / volleyball very well stimulate the growth of the body. because the body is often a stepping-stepping upwards. Springboard against gravity, causing stretching of the entire body.

Tips How to Naturally increase height:
1. Do  the gym in the morning. Jogging, gymnastics, volleyball, especially basketball and swimming.
2. Getting enough sleep, 7-8 hours per day basis and get up early.
3. Inadequate nutrition with the consumption of nutrients and vitamins. Drink plenty of high calcium milk and iron.
4. Eat regularly and avoid stress.
5. If you need to take medication natural improvement body
Hopefully a few tips about  How to Naturally increase height  could be a guide. Especially for us who want to add height in a healthy and natural.

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