Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Increase Height After Age 23 Could

There is no the right answer about human growth. Some people say that boys stop their growth in age 18 years old but some says about 23. For the girls, some people say about 14 but some say 18. I can say every human has different phase even increase height after age 23 could be true. So let’s dig deeper.
Actually there are 4 methods to increase height after age 23. First method is the most extreme methods. You can go to doctor and ask them to lengthening your leg. The procedure is too risk but many people did this method. For example Tanya from Siberia, this girl is obsessed being perfect, she thought that beautiful girl is the tall one. Then she went to doctor and ask the doctor to do procedure. Tanya said that the procedure is painful and of course expensive. After view months, her legs are back normally and longer than before. Wow, if you want read her story you can read here.
The second way is using height increase pills. If you do window shopping in great website such Ebay or maybe youtube. You will find topic about height increase pills. This stuff works based on Human Growth Hormone ( HGH ) . The pills stimulate our body system to release more HGH the make our bones longer and stronger. There many testimonials about this stuff, but I’m not sure. I think this is scam because  as I know the HGH injection is expensive and this pills are not. But everything depend on you.
The third way is using height increase shoes or height increase insoles. Actually this just make our look is taller . The method is insert insoles or add some inches in our shoes so we can look taller , the method is the same like high heels.
The fourth way aerobics, yoga, and Pilates or I can say naturally increase height. With this way we can add some inches, make our great postural, and the great thing is make us healthier. Beside this way is safe although take much time, but it works. For the information you can read my article here.
Well here they are increase height after age 23 . There is possibility in every aspect in this world. If you never try you won’t find the true answer. I suggest you do naturally increase height, it’s healthy and safe.

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