Saturday, October 8, 2011

17 Tips : How To Look Taller

A short, tiny, and small  women usually get trouble when they shopping. Find the perfect size for their body , however, because their body not high, a short and tiny women sometimes must cut their pants. So pathetic but it’s true. The other trouble when we want to wear mini skirt. We don’t give sexy look but just give ordinary impression because our short leg. If you don’t know how to dress well, our clothes will make us shorter. So if you are a short and tiny women who want to know how to look taller, these tips will really help you :

1.   For top outwear, it’s better you do not ever try to wear outfit with its long over your knee. You should choose outfit its long around your waist. A short women will look shorter if they wear an outfit with its long over the knee.
2.   Avoid a big outfit, because it will make you “ drowning “ in the outfit.
3.   You can choose with V neck. This is will give you longer neck look and make you look taller. But this is not a must, you can choose the others but they should match and good on you.
4.   A short women usually have short neck, you should choose an outfit with collar not cover all part of your neck.
5.   Avoid outfit with many colors or outfit with top and down that too contrast.
6.   You should choose an outfit with vertical stripe pattern ( from down to top ). Avoid an outfit with horizontal stripe. Vertical line will make you look taller.
7.      Outfits with soft material such as wool, linen, cotton will make tiny women look better and nice.
8.   Short women should wear pants with dark color.
9.   Avoid pants with many patterns. These patterns will make you look shorter.
10.                Avoid pants made by thick and stiff materials.
11.                If you buy long pants, consider the size of waist, the you consider its long.
12.                Avoid the wide belt, choose the small and match with your outfit. For example if you wear black outfit, you should choose black belt.
13.                Wear a high heels platform shoes, it will make you look taller, or you can buy height increase elevator shoes or height increase insoles .
14.                Your pants should cover your shoes but not all part, but don’t make it touch the ground. Ankle is the best size.
15.                Don’t wear long and wide skirt. This is will make you “ drowning “.
16.                If you have big legs, avoid to wear ¾ pants. This is will make your legs bigger.
17.                For accessories , for example bag, don’t choose the big and wide one. Small bag will give you plus mark. 

I wish this 17 Tips : How To Look Taller article help you to look taller, good luck.

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