Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Height Increase Surgery From Siberia

There is no pain to get beautiful confession, beautiful is painful. At least some women agree with that statement. Even breast implant and plastic surgery are not the new story for enhancing look. Generally women willing to do many procedure to make their look more beautiful. We can look US Hollywood celebrity such Heidi Montag, Christina Aguilera, and the other celebrities who did surgery to enhance their look. But more than that, the most extreme surgery is height increase surgery limb lengthening.
That's what recently done Tanya, a woman from Siberia who got height increase surgery limb lengthening. Height is considered to be a problem for her beauty. Therefore, he was willing to run the surgery in a hospital in Kurgan, Siberia, to increase the length of his foot by 10 centimeters.

The hospital is providing specialized services to lengthen the leg or add height. The trick begins with breaking the leg bone of the patient. After that, the two bones that are connected with a kind of pen tool by leaving a space between two bones.

According to Tanya, surgical techniques that made her sick. However, as the growth of the two bones to be fused as before, the pain was gone. In fact, Tanya is now able to smile happily because of the high will slowly increase. Bones have been broken it will stretch at least about one millimeter per day.
To fight for the addition of this height, Tanya must spend up to U.S. $ 260 thousand. In fact, Tanya became addicted to constantly add to her height.

Surgical technique similar to that received by Tanya actually had long done the surgeon to cure patients with spinal deformities. This surgery can lead to complications, such as bone infection, nerve injury, blood clots, and bone growth that is not fair.

Therefore, a surgeon from London, England, John Holling Dale, doubt if the operation is performed by cosmetic reasons. He worried about the safety of patients undergoing such
height increase surgery limb lengthening.

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