Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How Increase Height In 3 weeks Part 1

This how increase height program in 3 weeks will help you increase height. Most of them are yoga pose, so when you do them, you also make health yourself . Since  how increase height still be controversy until now, ain’t nothing wrong you do these yoga moves. Not a little who said that people under 25 years old still can add inches. Exercises below will help you correct the posture, make you health, make your bones stronger and longer.
Before you do , you should notice these rules :

1. Discipline is the main concept.
2. I suggest you do these moves on mattress or yoga mattress, because these moves can make you fall if you can’t hold.
3. There is no limit, but if you above 28 years old, I can’t guarantee.
4. Every move, you just need to do that 1x. So after rest you should change the move.
5.Every move has rule how long should it take, if you can’t hold, do the shortest time.
6. Every risk is your responsibility . For example : stomachache , pain in your back, but calm down, it’s proper, as time goes by your body will recover.
7. Do these moves if you really have a good time to increase your height.
8. Do these moves in 3 weeks , so you can add about 5-10 cm.
9. Don’t missed although 1 move, because the result will not max.
10. After doing these moves you should take a rest about 15-30 minutes.
So here they are the moves :
1.      Lie on the floor face down with palms on the floor under your shoulders. Begin to arch your spine up leading with your chin. Arch as far back as possible. Each repetition should last between 5-30 seconds. 

2.      Start with your arms perpendicular to the floor, and the spine arched (the end position of the cobra). Now bend your hips and bring your body up into an inverted ‘V’ position.
While you are doing that, tuck your chin against your chest. Return to the original position. Each repetition should last between 10-20 seconds. 

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